w-caphether you are looking for a new Yoga home…

Or have never tried Yoga…

When you breeze in our always open doors, you have arrived at something special…

Roll out your mat and take a breath…

Our journey takes you to a safe space to clear your mind, get sweaty, release your day, and leave with a peaceful, open heart.   We offer a Yoga experience with love, encouragement, and options.   We are truly American Yoga; liberation feels so good!

“American,” represents freedom to interpret Yoga philosophy and Indian traditions, and a spirit of…  Well, almost rebellion against previously established creeds.  Not to imply we abandon all tradition, but a healthy, modern twist according to the needs of each student is how we approach Yoga practice.  Rather than tough love, it’s love yourself and trust you intuition.  Each class is 50/50.  50% of your effort is listening to the Instructor and brining awareness to correct alignment.  50% is your own intuition, boundaries, fierceness, and intention.    

You can have the best of both worlds.

Our Most Popular Price Packages!yoga_pose_icon

New Student Special:  $30 for 3 Weeks of Unlimited Yoga
One Month Unlimited:  $99
Three Month Unlimited:  $250
Single Class:  $15
10 Classes:  $129 does not expire
25 Classes:   $299 does not expire
Private Yoga Session
with Monica Schmidt:
Private Yoga Session
with others:
 $75 – $100
Massage:  $125


Yoga Instructors!


  • Do you want to “tune-up” your teaching?
  • Want more knowledge beyond your TT? 
  • Feel like you’re stuck in your sequencing? 
  • Need to re-organize your thoughts? 
  • Need to refresh your approach?
    THIS IS IT! 

1. June 7/8
4. July 12/13

2. June 21/22
5. July 26/27

3. June 28/29

Saturdays & Sundays 12:30—4:30
$200 per weekend  OR  $995 for all sessions
AY Grads and Teachers: $175 per weekend
OR $825 for all sessions

Schedule of Topics

1. Creative Flow Sequences One (June 7/8)
2. Creative Flow Sequences Two (June 21/22)
3. SAT: Alignment, Adjustments and Safety
SUN: Presenting 8 Limbs in Your Class:
Themes & Intentions (June 28/29)
4. CreativeFlowSequences Three (July 12/13)
5. YOGA Anatomy & Intelligent Sequencing (July 26/27)

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Summer Schedule of Events 2014

Saturday, May 17th, 12:30 $20 all
Rock, Roll, Flow, & Fun!

Explore benefits of practcing with essential oils: soothing, energizing, and restorative
Saturday, May 31st 11:00‐12:30 $30 all (Regular 11am class is CXL)


Ongoing Saturdays & Sundays: June and July June 7/8, 21/22, 28/29 & July 12/13, 26/27


July 2/3/4/5/6/7
We will re‐open Tuesday July 8th! Unlimited packages will be adjusted 6 days.

Saturday, August 2nd, 12:30 $20 all 


  • I have been one of Monica’s yoga students for 8 years. She is an exceptional yoga teacher keeping her classes unique, fun, challenging and safe. My yoga practice has grown and evolved thanks to her direction.   The studio provides a friendly and inviting atmosphere to practice in; a reflection of Monica’s personal style.

    - Lenne
  • I’ve been coming to AY for over two years now and since then I’ve noticed the progression in my practice and its all thanks in part to the wonderful teachers!  Not only are the teachers excellent but you can’t beat the prices!

    - Cary
  • We are truly blessed to have American Yoga in our community.  It is an amazing studio and the teachers are beyond compare!

    - Tania
  • AY teachers make Yoga practice a delightful, fun and fulfilling experience.  I always feel better just entering the studio, a place of refuge.

    - Mary
  • Monica is a gifted teacher; I have enjoyed her classes for the past eight years. The warm atmosphere of her studio, the amazing teachers and the friendly students make it a great place for my practice. I always leave classes feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

    - Leila
  • When I found American Yoga I was fairly new to yoga and new to Florida. However, Monica and the instructors at American Yoga were very warm and welcoming and instantly made me feel like I belonged. The classes are advanced but the teachers always offer modifications for students who are not as advanced. Seeing the more advanced poses keeps me interested and challenges me to be able to get into those poses and more.  American Yoga keeps me centered, balanced and sane.

    - Jamie
  • As someone who was there to witness the birth of American Yoga, from a personal vision to the wonderful studio it is today, I can tell you that Monica pours her heart and soul into this studio.  I chose American Yoga , because of Monica , to complete my TT , it was an amazing experience , through which I have built lasting friendships and the knowledge and skills to teach Vinyasa yoga…love you AY…

    - Liza
  • American Yoga is perfection. I was hooked from my first class almost 3 years ago w/Kimberly. Since starting, I feel stronger, leaner, and more grounded. Every class is unique and I am constantly challenged. The classes are both motivating and relaxing. The instructors are beautiful people, inside and out, who guide you through every position, whether novice or advanced. The students are friendly and supportive. Monica has created a very special sanctuary for mind, body and soul.

    - Merryl
  • I have been practicing yoga for over 10 years and have had the pleasure of Monica being my guide for many of those years.  She is an amazing teacher, not only in her ability to guide us through a wonderful practice with great sequencing and music, but her ability to break down the poses and explain things so perfectly is to be admired.  I have taken several workshops through the years, and her teacher trainees are lucky to have her as their teacher.  American Yoga has a great team of teachers that I have also had the pleasure of taking, and many classes to fit all schedules.  The studio is beautiful, welcoming and full of love.

    - Karen
  • I like the kind of yoga place where there’s not a lot of pressure to look like a yogini, yet there are instructors skilled enough to take you there, if that’s where you want to go. I love the movement of fresh air flowing through the yoga room when the front and back doors are open (most of the time) whilst listening to the enthusiastic morning song of a bird or two. AY has a nice, beachy-feel and is a come-as-you-are kind of studio where clientele are supported and encouraged to be who they are, while developing a practice at their own pace with a large pool of great instructors from which to choose.

    - Michelle